Branding for creatives and small business owners


After initial contact before any design work begins, I send you a Questionnaire to get a better understanding of your design needs. Once you have filled in the questionnaire, l schedule a complementary skype video consultation so we can chat and make sure we are both on the same page inregards to your expectations and final delivery. We will also discuss pricing, installment plans and more as it relates to your project.


Once we have agreed on payment and the details of the project, I will then send you a contract to read through and sign. Once your project is booked and your 50% deposit has cleared, I will then begin working on your Mood board and Logo variations. During that time you will be gathering a file with content and blog photographs to send to me. All necessary content, information and photographs are due before l start on the website design.


This is the exciting part, where you sit back and relax as l bring your vision to life. With every page I do, you will be able to look through and review it.This will enable us to have a smooth transition, provide faster feedback, as well as help me make quicker adjustments to anything that would need changing. You will be part of the creative process, your feedback is very important during this time.


This is your chance to test the website live and see if it works according to your expectations. At this point, you will be able to send through any final revisions, additions and subtractions that you would want done on the website.


After the final revision and we are both confident that your site is working seamlessly, we celebrate  and share your  launch. We also submit your website to Google if it wasn’t already set up as well as set up Google Analytics so you can track the  growth of your website.


If this is your first time running a website or you need help with finding you way around. We then set up teaching sessions either over the phone, in person or over video conference to help provide you with the knowledge and skills necessary to confidently run your website. I also send you a list of necessary tools you may need to grow your business.


Autumn Sale

Design Autumn Sale   You cannot even begin to tell me just how time flies. I mean It's almost a year since I started this business and it's amazing just how much I've learnt, grown and done in the past few months. I've worked with some amazing clients...

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5 Keys to Self Motivation

5 Keys to Self Motivation Self - Motivation Is simply the ability to do what needs to be done without someone else prodding you and pushing you to do it. It is the crucial key in setting and reaching for your goals. The definition itself is so simple yet motivation is...

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5 Podcasts for Passionate Creatives!

5 Podcasts for Passionate Creatives Towards the end of 2016, I decided that l wanted to reduce the amount of time l spent watching TV. As a result of that, I knew I needed something that I could listen to while l worked. I stumbled upon a podcast episode by Myleik...

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